Do you know what your purpose is? Maybe a better question is how can you tell if you are working in your purpose?

We are all designed with different talents, and develop skills based on the talents we use the most. There are books written speaking to this point. In the book Discover Your True North by Anne Bruce the author guides you on a journey of discovery.

Think about what it would feel like¬†when you are working in your gifts or¬†talents. It could be when you are enjoying your efforts. I think of the statement “I love my job so much, it is like I am not working at all”. When work is effortless and you find enjoyment.

What would it be like to work in an atmosphere where you never worried about what others really think. I don’t believe it matters what that specific work might be, such as selling. I enjoyed selling cars for years. It was effortless, it was a simple process of finding out what I could do to help someone solve a transportation issue. There was never any stress, it was fun and I enjoyed the people.

What is it you enjoy spending your time on? Could you turn it into a business, or find the right fit?

I only challenge you to find your true calling because the years go too quickly to spend your years in a place you don’t want to be (make sure you have a plan).

Make progress on you. Where do you want to be, what is your five year plan?

Big changes do not happen overnight.

Thanks for joining me today.