When faced with a  project what do you measure? Are you measuring just the results? After all the outcome is the most important point of a project. If we don’t get the results then we fail.

When we do fail many of us will go back to review what has transpired to get the results we produced. We backtrack and look at all the little things that got us where we ended up.

Bold statement of the day, “you do not control the outcome“.

The outcome comes from the attitude and effort applied by those doing the work. If you are a single person working on a project than look in the mirror how was your attitude. Ask yourself did I approach this project correctly, did I really put the right effort to get the results I desired? Did I do the simple little tasks each day to move forward?

For instance if I sold cars I cannot control how many cars I sell, but I can put the effort in to set appointments to give myself more opportunities to get the desired sales.

If you have a team how motivated were they? Did they have the right tools. Ask yourself what example are you setting as a leader. Are you encouraging and inspiring? Are you a coach or a Staff Sargent barking orders? How are you managing your team.

If I am going to bank on your attitude being right I must know what motivates you as an individual.

For a solid consistent effort can I break down the tasks into small manageable parts?

You can only manage your effort and attitude, not the results.

The most successful people do the little things better than anyone else.

Measure the little things along the way and make adjustments when needed.