Custom Workshops for Personal Achievement


  • Result-oriented, energetic, focused
  • Inspirational, motivational and instructional

The Value of One-on-One Coaching with the Support of Group Experience


Tim Marvel’s workshops teach groups of any size how to achieve their goals using the simple, proven 10 Seconds Daily approach, which creates sustainable, daily habits to build momentum and success. Participants compliment Tim’s ability to connect on an individual basis, while engaging groups with focused, relevant exercises and thoughtful insights.


Workshops are available to non-profit, community, civic or religious organizations. Presentation of the 10 Seconds Daily approach is personalized to meet the specific goals of each group based on significant research into relevant group issues and priorities.

Attitude Coach Tim Marvel Workshop


I want to express my appreciation… it was very helpful and honestly, I have noticed a difference already in the confidence building that I received in just the few days that I spent in the training.
Jessee Sawyer

I would like to thank you for the training that I had the last three days. Thank you for the one-on-one talks that you gave me, and I hope that I can apply it the best I can. I really learned a lot in a short time. It was a great learning experience. Thank you again.
Dennis Jameson


After 14 years and hundreds of workshops, Tim Marvel has guided thousands toward realization of their goals. Not only do participants benefit, but sponsoring organizations report significant results, too. More inspired, focused and purposeful group members attain greater performance and elevated achievements.

+ Benefits

Group workshops can be focused on many topics to benefit both participants and sponsoring  organizations.

  • Personal Goal setting
  • Organization to support goals
  • Creating Accountability
  • Improve Communications
  • Team Building
  • Process Improvements
  • Creating productive habits

= Results!

Compared to other methods for group improvement, Tim Marvel’s dynamic workshops are more cost-efficient and productive.

  1. Live interaction makes experience more enjoyable and engaging.
  2. Question/Response facilitation helps for a deeper understanding.
  3. Strong connection between presenter and participants supports greater communication.
  4. Immediate accountability toward predetermined goals.
  5. Presentation is fine-tuned based on group response.
  6. Participants commit more time and are receptive to longer and more detailed activities.

Flexible Options

  • Instructional, motivational, or inspirational workshops.
  • Workshops lasting from a few hours, a day or two.
  • Variety of follow-up options include Mastermind groups, one-on-one coaching, webinars and podcasts, or follow-up workshops.

Schedule a workshop to help your like-minded members nurture productive daily habits around the simple life-altering 10 Seconds Daily approach.

Workshops start as low as $250. For more information on rates and availability, use this form or call 214-801-0903.