Opportunity is a funny thing. When you least expect it or at the most in-opportune time it shows up.

You hear athletes say it all the time, I have to be ready when the time presents itself. For a top athlete it could be the person in front of them becomes injured. It could happen seconds. We see it every year. It could be the opportunity of a life time for the athlete coming in.

If you follow me, you know I have an opportunity in front of me. I stumbled out of the blocks in the initial stages. I was frustrated with change. I was not ready. In my mind I blamed others for insignificant events. I was not myself. How could I have missed the mark so badly? It was a look in the mirror. The opportunity gave chance to struggle until I looked into the mirror. I had to take my own advice. I believe the 10 Seconds Daily approach helped me move forward. It helped me get the right attitude back.

If I am a leader change should excite me.

The adventure of a new vision should challenge me to get out of bed ready to go.

Once I opened my eyes I began to seek a deeper meaning and a better vision.

As I began to really grasp the opportunity it became easier to accept the challenge.

It became easier to accept responsibility for all the actions around me.

The bottom line for today’s blog is open your eyes you will be amazed at what you might see.