As I read the words from Anne Bruce’s’ book, Finding Your True North I want to share some of her ideals with you.

The author begins by looking at how we do or don’t help to create an environment in which we can thrive. She says it is more an issue of self-esteem than an issue of compromise.

She goes on to say that standing up for yourself and wanting better – not settling for less, expecting the magnificent rather than the mediocre, the great rather than the good – is not selfish.

Rather, expecting the best for yourself is an extension of your self-worth and the level of esteem in which you hold yourself. It is a reflection of the standards by which you live your life and the things in life that you feel you are worthy of receiving.

Remember we are creations of God and worthy of greatness.

We were created to do great tasks. We also have the power of choice.

As I believe the small choices we overlook everyday are designing your future.

Remind yourself you are worthy of living the good life. Not saying you will never encounter difficult, hard situations. I am saying you have the choice to live the good life.

And it comes down to your decisions.

Have a great day.