Don’t you find it funny that there are so many choices to so many things in life such as cars, clothing, religions, coffee or even ice cream just to mention a few.

How do you decide which way to go?

Let’s take an easy one, I love ice cream but when I go into one of those places that has ten, fifteen or twenty choices. Well, overwhelmed is a bit strong, but I just get a little confused. It is easy to eliminate half of the choices for various reasons. That one has walnuts, and this one has pecans and how could you mix chocolate and mint, what were they thinking? You see what I mean?

My next step is to pick a few and taste them. Most things that say banana are on my list, I know I live bananas. Oh and chocolate needs to be included. How about fat free versus the real thing?

This seems cruel and painful just picking out a dip of ice cream, oh is that on a cone or in a cup. A cone, was that a sugar cone or the old fashioned cone?

LOL, you see what I am saying?

So why so many choices?

We offer all these choices to appeal to the masses. We believe we will be better with more choices and in some cases this may be true. In most cases you will be further ahead to be better at a few things than master of nothing.

Today is about progress and moving forward.

The lesson of the day is if you give too many choices the human mind is programed in to say “NO”.

A confused mind says no, it makes people have to stop and think.

And if this is your business or even your personal live it could be costing you time and money. Don’t overwhelm yourself by over shopping. You will paralyze your efforts.

Too many restaurant choices  on date night is frustrating and starts the night off wrong!

Go with two choices, it is easier on everyone.