I love those mornings when I am not traveling, the sun is shinning and I get to take a nice stroll with my wife around the park. For me it is a time to share some fun conversation, talk about upcoming plans, vacations or catch up.

We are both overachievers, with a busy life. We do a lot with what God has given us to work with. We push ourselves to complete more tasks than the average person.

Recently we were out walking. When we started it was a casual pace but as we walked I notice the pace was becoming a little brisk. Not wanting to hold my wife up from what ever meeting or event she is rushing to, I speed up.

As I speed up I notice my wife seems to move even faster.

Of course I speed up more as well.

By now we are at a VERY brisk walk, almost jogging.

I finally ask her, “what’s the rush”?

She says, “hey, I’m just trying to keep up with you”!

We laughed as we slowed our pace down to accomplish what we had set out to do.

Are you trying to keep up with someone else’s pace? Do you get off track and forget what we set out to do.

Run your own race today!

Don’t forget what you set out to complete today.