I am always looking for the next blog, article or book to sink my brain into, information to make me better at something.

It is a daily effort to move forward in small steps.

There are times learning one new thing here or there is enough to satisfy my thirst. However there are times when normal actions are not enough to feed the desires inside of my mind.

I have noticed this is when I get un-happy with myself. It may start as a question I ask of my own effort or a random comment from another individual. It could be self confidence, old thoughts resurface, or unmet expectations.

Most of these specific days my expectations get out of line with the daily grind trying to find a balance. There are expectations from every area of my life with work, spiritual, relational, financial should I go on?

I have goals in each of these compartments of life. If I am not moving forward towards these goals the second guessing begins.

When this happens I have learned to focus on several things. It start by taking a few minutes to review my journal. The journal is where I can see progress, then I move into planning my next moves reminding me of where I am headed, my all important why. What it is that makes me tick.

Being successful is boring, and it is hard work. The good days are great when everything falls into place.

It is like playing golf. I am a horrible golfer, every once in awhile I hit the prettiest shot. That is just enough to keep me coming back.

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me today.