I have been experiencing a change in job role for the past few months. Being transparent, I did not handle it as well as I would have liked. What a great opportunity it was to learn about growing and getting out of my own comfort zone.

It had all the makings of changing companies and starting over at the bottom. I was extremely frustrated and strongly desired a pity party at least once a week. After all I was the go to guy, people trusted my opinion and now I was the new guy just starting out and my input did not matter. I knew something had to change, the question was what.

Would I change jobs, or could it have been something else?

Could it have been my attitude?

Over the past few months I had to remind myself who was in charge of my attitude. You see my frustration was not about anything except someone moved me out of my comfort zone. I did not control my time and every action as I had in my past role. My routines were all dislodged and did not fit what I was comfortable with.

I talk with my wife often and air out many feeling with her. She hears my frustration and calmly reassures me there is a reason I am in this new role. I just need to look deeper, give it time or give up.

First, it is ok to get frustrated. The question is what do you do with your frustration.

Next, I never give up!

I started by looking in the mirror and realized I was not happy with my own effort. I was what had to change if I wanted this new role to work, it was a war within my own mind, a bigtime struggle.

I liked the old routines, I was able to use my time to be awesome at work and take care of my personal habits as well.

I had to adjust my own personal time expectations, allow myself time to learn my new role, and move forward each day.

If you are going through a tough time remember who controls your attitude, who makes the decisions each day? It is where the “buck” stops.

It has not been all rosy, and at times it has been a struggle. I cannot change the personalities around me. But I do control mine.

Make good choices for you today.

If you are happy you can change the world. Remember you only have to change your world in order to make a difference.