I work for a large company and at times with some of the corporate level managers. I often hear them speak of “the board of directors.”

From my trusty dictionary a board of directors is described as a group of people directing something.

If it is a good idea to have a board directing a business worth billions of dollars, should I have a board directing my personal time?

We have many areas in our lives and would seem impossible to master each area. Where do you go for directions?

Here is a snap shot of mine, the people whom I:

  • trust the most: Rockie.
  • get direct honest feedback: Lori
  • inspiration and honest advice: Jim
  • is my biggest cheer leader: Mom
  • trust with finances: Kim
  • balance work and life: Brian
  • spiritual guide: Scott
  • health and fitness: Shugrue
  • technical support: Mark/Earl
  • education and advancement: Stu
  • Industry specific expert: Brian

Your board does not have to have 12 members, it could have just a few.

Like in business you should change out pieces of your board from time to time.

Your board could consist of close friends whom you trust, or even industry experts you spend your time listening to on tapes/CD’s or radio.

The bottom line is we all need help and direction to maximize our efforts if we do want to move forward each day in progress.

List your board on a sheet of paper. Document who guides you in those areas of your life. Maybe you only have a couple people on your board. Lean on them for advice they can offer.

Bottom line is you can make more money, but you can’t make more time. Take advantage of those around you to make a difference.

Thanks for sharing your valuable time with me.