During accountability group meetings we are free to dig as deep into an individuals situation as needed for them to see what could be holding them back from the success they desire.

Most are professional individuals and have a track record of success.

There are several reoccurring statements I hear time and again when talking about success:

  1. I already knew that.
  2. I have done that in the past.
  3. That point seemed so insignificant at the time.
  4. I know I need to do that.
  5. That is a mindless thought.

It never seems to be the big things draining these professionals down.

It is never something unknown, but is sometimes not seen until we discuss it.

It is the little things every time.

So I challenge you to take a paper and write down every thought racing through your mind. Then assess each point and determine the ones you must take action on, the ones to sit on, and the ones to delete.

Do not second guess yourself.

My promise to you is a clearer picture of the day ahead.

You will feel some confidence by marking some completely off your list.

And you will have a direction for today.

Have a great day, and make a note in your journal of what you did to move forward today!