As I prepare for my week there are times when I have to sit back and reflect in order to move forward.

I love to set my week up by having my blog posts completed. At times I seem to struggle for content to write about.  Not saying there are things I could write about, I am saying my mind has not processed the information in a usable format to put down into words.

When I am looking for inspiration  and I find something which has happened throughout the week to expand on. Many times the posts help me grown, understand or educate myself. It gives me clarity to write the words out in certain situations. When I really struggle I look several places for inspiration such as my wife, my family, books I am reading or even current events.

I do not look for inspiration from politics, and I respect religion. People know by my actions I am a believer in God. I want people to understand life is a struggle, however you do have control of how you respond. We all need hope.

My intention is to encourage to live a better life with the words and stories I post. To help you move forward on a regular basis by planning your actions and not being held captive by others making decisions for  you.

I hope I add some inspiration to each day!

Thank you for spending a few minutes with me today, it was a good investment.