Many times when you ask a person what they want the reply will be simple, “happiness.”

We all want to be happy. Although when you try to define happiness the picture becomes more blurry.

As a matter of fact take a pen and paper and write down what happiness or success is for you. What does it look like to you?

To my original questions of where do you find happiness or success?

Have you ever wished for something and your wish came true only to find out the outcome was less than desirable. We build expectations of events in our mind and as these dreams and desires become reality the short lived events becomes routine and the chase for happiness and success continues. If I just get that promotion, and then after a few weeks you wonder what was all the hype about?

Happiness  and success are almost be like a drug. I have had conversations with people are substance abusers and they say drugs enact on their lives the same way. When you start it only takes a little to make you fell good. Over time it takes more and more to get the same feeling. Is that how your success and happiness is for you?

You have had some success and now you want more.

You are on vacation, and it was great and now you want more.

Although the success and happiness can not be the same as the first encounters, it has to be better.

Be careful what you get addicted to either success, happiness.

Find a balance. It sounds easy, however it will be a lifetime challenge.

Your happiest most successful moments will not be on the job, or winning a race. Your happiest moments will be with loved ones and it will not matter if you are on the beach or driving on a road trip. It is the time together.

When I think of my happiest moments they are shared moments, seldom do my success come when I am alone.

I hope you have someone to share moments with.

Have a great day.