We don’t always know when the last time is for many things in our lives.

This could be good such as the last payment on your house, or it could really hurt like the last time you see a loved one. You don’t control everything and we have to accept that fact.

Here is the question of the day, “When is the last time you looked in a mirror and ask your self honest a few honest questions”?

I am at an age where the thoughts of retirement are creeping in. If you are like me you need to ask those questions, what will it look like? Will I be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle, can I take care of my family?

If you are younger there may be other questions such as how many children, or even with your relationships?

Even younger still, should I go to college or get a job?

Or even younger, should I go steady with…..?

Where ever you are start asking yourself the right questions.

You are where you are because of the questions you ask yourself on a regular basis.

You want a change, you be the change.

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me today.