I have spent more than thirty years managing businesses and can tell you without a doubt where we waste the most time, money and effort and it may surprise you. After all we have control and the problem seems to be getting worse.

I have worked in some industries accepting fifty percent turn over. I hear estimates of over $50,000 per employee when you factor all the benefits, payroll and time invested to mention a few. It still comes down to our choices.

How about customers, does it cost you money when you always have new people. How is your Customer Satisfaction?

What are you accepting as acceptable attitude, behavior, dress and preparedness?

I think the turn over is attributed to many things.

  • Lack of understanding how to hire.
  • Accepting applicants just to fill the seat.
  • We are always hiring when we are in need.
  • We tell our selves we can take on a project.
  • We will train them if they make it.
  • Poor vision of where your business is headed.
  • Poor hiring standards, what we accept will become our culture.

There were several questions I always ask myself:

  1. Would I want to do business with this person? If not, then why would your customers?
  2. Do I have any reservations during the interview? Today is the day they are trying to impress you. If you have any reservations and you hire them you just lowered the bar.
  3. Did they look you in the eye?

These are just some quick thoughts, we could write for hours on proper hiring. What is your process to get the right team.

Hey, you did not get the wrong team overnight, it takes time. It will take some time to build your dream team. What does that look like to you?

Are you willing to invest the time, energy and effort into getting the team of your dreams?