Most of us would do better if we were held more accountable. Truth is we would not like it; however, we would be more effective with the use of our time had we known someone would be asking.

What we said previously was coaching consisted of the following elements:

  • Focusing on the future.

What a great place to start. We all know we cannot change what has already happened. A coach knows many people spend endless hours worrying about the past. The past week, day or the past hour. It is a waste of time. A good coach reviews the past and moves on.

  • They foster individual performance in a business content.

They build you up, they encourage you to step out of your comfort zone to achieve more than you believed. Coaches know you must measure your results based on proven business practices.

  • Helps lead executives to discover their own paths.

Being a coach is not about getting what they want, it is about the client getting what they want and getting it following their chosen path.

Coaches want you to succeed.

For me a coach needs to have more energy than me, they need to be the expert and be excited for the day. If they can’t be excited the relationship would not work for me.

Take a few minutes and ask yourself what a perfect coach would look like for you.

Be careful what you ask for!