Flying home from a week in South Dakota some years ago I sat next to an older gentleman. We were both dressed with suit and ties sitting in the first row. As we were getting comfortable in our seats the normal airplane chatter began  We talked about our week and almost every conversation leads to the question, “so what is it that you do for a living?”

I found out he was a cardio specialist and was leaving a big conference where he had spoken. We had a great conversation about his profession. I was very impressed. And after a few minutes it was his turn to ask, “so what is it that you do?”

In the moment of embarrassment I said, “well, I’m just an automotive consultant”. I felt so insignificant compared to this well educated, successful, wise gentleman.

With great empathy in his voice he seemed to be drawn in and focus even more on my every word. We spoke until we landed, exited the airport and were in the parking lot. As we parted ways at the airport he said, “I’ll make you a deal, if you don’t work on hearts, I won’t try to be an automotive consultant.” He went on to tell me how special each person is by the tasks they complete each day.

So today is an exercise for you to do where ever you are right now.

Write down three things that make you special.

  1. Do you encourage people?
  2. Are you the trend setter?
  3. Do you have great work ethic?
  4. Are you the most prepared?
  5. Are you the go to person?

You may have more, but three is a good start. If you are struggling ask a friend and they will get you started.

  • 1.____________________________________________________________
  • 2.____________________________________________________________
  • 3.____________________________________________________________

I hope you have begun to make progress when answering the question, what makes you so great? Don’t stop there, think about it in the morning when you get up tomorrow.

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