Why did you get up and trudge off to work?

Why do you put up with your boss and his demanding attitude?

Why do you pack a lunch each day?

Les Brown says if you want to live the easy life you must work hard, but we get it backwards sometimes.

We want the easy life and we want to do the easy jobs. Life in general does not work out this way. Life is hard, although we have some choices to help make it easier.

We know about life’s challenges, roadblocks, or places we stumble. Ask yourself what is it that drives me past those low spots?

The answer is different for each of us. We all get to determine what motivates us to push past those hard places.

It is the “big why” driving us to greater heights.

If we do not have much of a why when life hits up with an obstacle we could be bogged down, or even derailed.

What is your “big why”?

Your why could be anything giving you the desire to do more.

  • Retirement
  • A loved one.
  • A better life.
  • A goal.
  • The list goes on.

The challenge for you today is to find your “big why.”

Once you know your big why, then make it a game or challenge yourself to move forward each day.

Always continue to look for your next “big why.”