The past few days we have considered what personal, financial baggage looks like. Today let’s talk about spiritual baggage.

I am careful to respect your beliefs and will talk about my experience and what I truly believe.

Over the past fifty plus years I have navigated a couple of near death experiences. They challenged me to change my spiritual beliefs.

One of these events was a bike crash. It is a story in itself. The end result was me lying on the concrete trail unable to move my arms, legs or even lift my head. It was one of those life experiences where you question if this is the real “END.”

Experiences like this changes most people perspective on life. I always listen to anyone that has had a struggle such as cancer, bad accident or any major life trauma. They always seem to have a thirst for life. They want more and will not accept less.

A few years of searching for answers later I adopted the belief that my higher power was not done with me. Otherwise how did I survive?

I had to work through a lot of baggage. After all, think of the very worst things we did as young kids or young adults. Those things seem to us to be unforgiveable.

One of the amazing things about believing in a higher power is they will forgive you when you can’t forgive yourself.

How would it feel to give up all those negative thoughts we carry with us each day.

You may not have those thoughts every day, still my question is what if?

Your challenge today is to gift yourself with forgiveness for whatever negative adventure you have experienced and move forward to a better understanding of yourself.

It is not easy, but well worth the effort.

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me today.