What are we all working so hard for? I am so surprised at how our minds work. If you are like me, I set these goals and believe once I get there and the goal is complete I will find satisfaction. It does not seem to work that way, As a matter of fact I begin to diminish my goals as I am reaching them.

How many people say they are going to write a book? I believe it is this mountain of a goal, I now have seven books. So what messages am I expressing to myself taking away the significance? They are small, they are work-books – not real books, they are not best sellers…

I have other examples of completing a task or goal and then having thoughts like anyone can accomplish the finished project.

When I look back over the past five years I have accomplished so much more than I could imagine. So I question myself and ask, what is it that will fill my spirit, when do I slow down and enjoy more of the fruits of my labor, so to say.

As with any change in life I will work on my vision.

I hope you are making progress and working on your vision. Is your vision filled with gratitude, love and being present. Those are just a few of the characteristics I hope to see in my vision.

Thanks for joining me today.