This past week a very good friend of mine we diagnosed with a medical condition. I must say she handled the entire situation pretty well. I know she did a little research on-line into this condition. I believe she read just enough to alarm herself, but tried not to read so much it scared her. In speaking with her, she knew she could not get all of her answers from the computer.

One thing I know about being diagnosed with any kind of condition is most of us become expert researchers. Many of us go on-line and search the medical blogs and pages looking for answers especially if we feel it is a serious condition. We could spend days reading. Many times this causes more fear and anxiety then if we had waited for the specialist to interview us and offer testing to determine exactly where we stood.

My friend ask my opinion and I told her that I know she is a believer and a prayer warrior, she has a great support group around her, she has one of the best attitudes of all the people I know, and that if she felt she could handle this condition she would be fine.

Your mind is such a powerful tool to help or hinder our efforts. I am not saying my friend will not face challenges, but with the right mind set she we be so much better off in handling those times. Attitude is everything.

Where ever you are in your journey remember your attitude can help you move forward in work or life to make progress when your priorities change, when you face those challenges. My friend’s priorities changed over night and so could yours, are you prepared?

Remember each and every day is a gift.

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me today.