How much in debt are you?

When I think of debt there are many things coming to my mind. It is not all about money. There are all kinds of debt. Knowing this let us see what a dictionary says debt is:

  1. Something owed.
  2. Sin or Trespass.
  3. Obligation
  4. A state of owing.

Over the next few days let’s dive deeper into finding out what debt looks like in our lives.

  1. Financially
  2. Personally
  3. Professionally
  4. Spiritually

The point I want to make is if you are carrying the burden of debt in any part of your life it is holding you down and keeping you from living a more deserving life.

Think about the following:

  1. Financially-could keep you from basic needs, vacations.
  2. Personally-could keep you from creating and building good relationships.
  3. Professionally-could keep you from deserved promotions.
  4. Spiritually-could keep you from finding your own higher power.

Could you impact these areas in life with the same exact tools you have already within you?

Join me and let’s explore.

Thanks for joining me and see you tomorrow.