Have you ever struggled to make progress? Not baby-steps, real visual quantifiable progress. I understand if you do, because I do. For almost five years I have posted a blog no less than five days a week. I want to tell you blogging has become more difficult as I search for useful information and content for the next post. I question myself and my focus and ask myself what is the remedy. How can I maintain more focus? I know with more focus comes more results.

I keep coming back to coaching. My wife does real estate coaching and the system has helped propel her to a top performer in her office. I have researched coaching on the internet and even printed out a Harvard Study from January 2009 “What Can Coaches Do for You?”.

Let’s review what coaching is and is not.

Coaching is not consulting.

  1. Consultants are paid to come up with all the answers.
  2. They focus on organizational performance.
  3. They try to be objective.
  4. They provide quantitative analysis of issues.

Coaching is not therapy

  1. Therapist focus on the past.
  2. They diagnose and treat dysfunctionality.
  3. They work based on medical ethics.
  4. They get paid for by the individual.

What coaches do?

  1. Focus on the future.
  2. They foster individual performance in a business content.
  3. They help lead executives to discover their own paths.

Distinct differences in all three arenas.

We will dive deeper into coaching and answer some of the harder questions as we move forward.

Thanks for joining me.