Get clear that you matter.

As I am reading the book, “Finding Your True North” by Anne Bruce I find myself asking questions. Is she talking about me…

She asks the question of why we accept less of ourselves, but expect and encourage more for others?

Are we taught to accept less, and believe it is all we deserve?

Do we make statements such as, “I don’t like to make a scene,” or “I didn’t want to rock the boat,” or “I will bite the bullet and do it for the better of the team?”

When we make these statements what are we telling ourselves?

  1. I don’t deserve to pay for my meal and have it the way I like?
  2. My input does not matter?
  3. The other team members are more important?

Every time we chose to compromise our feelings we have also depleted our self esteem bucket.

Maybe for sending the food back to get what you paid for, or making your voice heard in a crowd.

Every conversation begins with yourself, what are you telling yourself inside your head.

I hope you begin to tell yourself the truth, you do deserve to be heard, and to have your steak cooked like you like.

You do have control of choice, make the right one today.

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