It is a new day.

There will never be another today, the calendar only passes once.

Will you have found value by the time you close your eyes tonight and sleep well?

Will you be tired from a good day’s effort, or exhausted from dealing with difficult people?

Many days are defined by our own expectations.

We build fear in the day because of dead-lines, quotas and ends of the month. We become anxious always trying to play catch up and never playing from your strengths.

Remember you control the thoughts you allow in your mind. When you get upset because your own expectations have not been meet there is no one in the room feeling that frustration, just you.

So as you start your day look in the mirror and remind yourself of the other days you felt anxious and the fact the fear never materialized, it was only robbing your energy. All the worry and nothing bad to show from it.

If you are reading this you have survived every test in your life to date. Chances are you will pass the test today.

Set the expectations that you are going to thrive today!

I know you can!

If you do struggle remember there is no failure only feedback.

Have a great day!