This Week Started Last Week

10 Apr 2017

Here it is Sunday afternoon and my week has started. The fact is my week started last week as I began thinking about blog ideas like this one. Each day as I go through my routines and daily events I look for simple stories that have an impact on the outcome of the day. I think about the stories that I can tie into these events.

The most difficult part of blogging daily is looking for valuable lessons and sharing a story to reflect upon in hopes of moving forward. I know if I do not complete my blog posts in advance my internal alarm will wake me at 4 a.m., the truth is I would like to sleep until 5.

What is it that you could do in advance to start your week off correctly? Do you make a plan for your week? Do you map out the biggest events of the week and put them on the calendar in order to cross them off as they are completed?

Historically when I have not completed my blog posts in advance I feel as though I am running behind all week.

My challenge to you is to knock those items out and start your week ahead of the game. It is much easier to move ahead when you are not playing from behind.

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me today.


Tim Marvel

Motivational speaker and author, Tim Marvel, CSP believes if life doesn’t stop teaching, he shouldn’t stop learning. From living on a submarine in the Navy to spending thirty years in sales, Tim sees life as an adventure. He’s participated in marathons, ultra-marathons, triathlons, and 100-mile bike rides. When he’s not traveling or encouraging others to be their personal best, you can find him hitting the gym, hanging out with his family, and playing with his dog, Jake. But what he looks forward to the most is his weekly date night with his wife, Rockie.

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