Over the year I have been fortunate enough to work with thousands of people traveling for business, and training and managing businesses. Some people are beautiful on the inside and some are beautiful on the outside but neither one can outshine the person with the “it”.

I like to surround myself with these dynamic “it” people. The “its” are around and somewhat difficult to find at times. But once you know what to look for you will find ways to spend time with them.

There are “it” people in every profession, but the “its” progress quickly up the ladder if their superiors see the “it” in them.

So what is this “it” I am talking about?

“It” is that special person who has found a way to never say no at the end of a sentence and always has an answer to move forward, to not stop the sale even when they have bad news.

  • The “it” person taking your order at the restaurant knowing there are not split peas, but offers something to benefit you.
  • The “it” person is the attendant not having your room ready but has options that benefit you.
  • The “it” person is a car salesperson that does not have your color, but offers options that benefit you.

The “it” person never answers a question with a simple “no” or never ends a statement with “no”.

These are the people I want on my team. They find a way to take care of the client and move forward.

Progress may mean making a split decision, do you have people willing to make the right decisions to move your business forward?

Thanks for joining me today.