Such an important question to ask ourselves each day.

“What am I planning for?”

Let’s put first things first. Here are a couple key items you must have in place if you are serious about moving forward.

  1. You have a plan.
  2. You have your plan documented.
  3. Review your goals on a regular basis.
  4. You journal each day to see your progress so you can see your progress over time.
  5. You review your efforts.

Are we asking ourselves the right questions?

Remember when asking “why” you are asking about something that has already happened.

When you ask “what”, it is moving you forward. Think about the two questions we could ask ourselves: Why did that happen to me? Can you do anything about what has already happened?

Compare that to What can I do better, so what happened to me does not happen again. You can plan for a better outcome.

One thing I believe is I have no control of the outcome but I do control my decisions and my attitude. And my attitude will go a long way when you have a goal to move forward. Your attitude will keep you away from the blame game accepting responsibility for your decisions.

Right now is the perfect day to align your efforts with your goals.

Make the effort to move forward every day.

Progress however small is a great thing!