I am not where I used to be.

I am not where I want to be, grateful to not be where I used to be.

Two years ago I set out on a six year mission. I told myself if I could remain excited about becoming a motivational speaker for six years the outcome would be unbelievable.

The months have passed quickly and find myself in a season of learning. More than anything I am learning the basics. I am building a foundation.

As I learn how to write, my speaking becomes more clear. As I review m y speaking videos I find writing becomes more effective. The pieces all fit together.

While I am in the moment I feel I have not learned enough. However as I review I find it amazing to have a blog with over 100,000 page views, 400 videos created on YouTube and 6 books published in Amazon.

My goal was to have 200 videos and 2 books at the end of this year.

WOW, how did I get so far ahead of my goals? Should I let up? Remember there is a season for everything in your life. This year has been a great year of growth for me. I will continue to have goals and to move forward and may pull back just a bit. Some of the great speakers would say take some time to catch up, to not take in so much information. To put to use the information collected this year. I will keep learning, and growing and this time is exciting as I move forward.

How exciting is the ability to continue to learn and go through the seasons. The vision is clear much like the winter giving way to the spring. I am excited for the coming months to see the results of my work.

I am grateful to go through it.

What are you working towards? Are you willing to put in the work to get what you really want?

Thanks for time.

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