I find it amazing how fast time flies by, each day seems to go faster. As I flipped the calendar over to March it made me take pause.

Eight weeks ago some of us made resolutions, goals or maybe we were just dreaming about what we wanted for 2017. To be very clear we have already turned the page over on two months already this year. Two out of twelve or 16.666667% of the year has passed us by.

My question to you is are you making progress. Did you have anything written down or were you hoping things would go well? I like to write things down so I can see and remember what I did and where I have been, how about you? What have you accomplished this year. In four weeks 25% of the year will be behind us, are you making progress?

A couple of my favorite sayings tie into this conversation:

  • You don’t control the outcome, you only your attitude and effort. Are you putting the effort in?
  • You can only be let down by your own expectations. If you don’t have any, you will never be let down, you may never go anywhere.

I don’t want you to be like me, I want you to be like you.

Are you making the progress you deserve? Kick that thought around for a few minutes. You do deserve the best!

Thanks for joining me today.