Sometimes less is more.

This is a trick question, right!

If I could change one thing about me and the way I have worked over the years it would be to stop trying to do too much at one time. I am always looking to speed things up and get the most out of my time. There are times if I would slow down I would have more time and do a better job.

I remember one cold February day being in Kansas City to conduct a training class. When I do a class I always have stuff to carry in. Not a lot but a few bags of snacks, a box with some manuals, flip-chart paper and a large drink as well.

I carefully arranged the six plastic bags with snacks on one arm. Under the other arm I had a box with manuals and the flip-chart paper. It was quite a sight.

I noticed the only thing left was my drink. I did not want to make a trip out in the cold just to pick up the drink. The bag hand was free so I opted to pick up the large drink to save the trip.

The plan worked well to get me inside out of the cold. I still had a couple flights of stair and a hundred yards or so to get to my room. I decided I was loosing my grip and needed to set something down.

The drink seemed to be the easiest to place on a small table inside the door. As I set the large container of fluids down I thought to myself how silly this was, I knew at that moment I could make the stairs and the couple hundred yards. I re-positioned the bags on my arm and reached for the drink. Just as my fingers touched the container the bags slid down my arm knocking the drink to the floor, all 44 ozs. By the time I mopped up my mess I could have made a half dozen trips to the car and back.

What a mess, all because I tried to do too much.

What are the bags on your arm that will knock your large drink to the floor causing you to have to clean up your mess?

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