A follow up to “The True Meaning Of Champion”, Ray Evernham.

One of the greatest crew chiefs and most successful car owners in the history of NASCAR history. That is how the first line in his resume reads. The accomplishments are broken down to specifics such as three time NASCAR Cup Champion, 51 wins in 216 races, voted “Greatest Crew Chief of All-Time.

If success leaves a trail, I’m following this guy.

He was speaking about and shared 12 good definitions, here is number eight, CHAMPIONS are uncomfortable with imperfection, always striving for perfection, knowing it can never be reached but loving the battle of trying to reach it, Fight For excellence.

There is a reason I wake up before five am each morning. I am striving for more, to be better. I live by and believe the most successful people in the world do the little things much better than anyone else.

I am truly excited to get into the challenges of the day, I am excited to fail so I can move further ahead by what was learned from the previous experience.

I know if I am striving for perfection there will be shortcomings, each one is a lesson.

So if you are striving for perfection make a mistake along the way and use it to propel you to even further heights than you have ever been before.

I only learn through emotions pain or pleasure.

I am fired up for the day!

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me today.