Thinking about leaders today.  There are times we need to ask ourselves seemingly ridicules questions like how do we treat others on our team at work each day?

It sounds so insignificant and we may have not given this any thought for some time. We could have climbed the ladder of success and forgotten how to treat the new guy.

I have observed people as they work how interactions could change over time. Most people start a new job looking for where they will fit in. Moving forward have seen as we gain comfort, experience and knowledge we feel entitled to more respect. I couldn’t agree with you more.

Ask  yourself a few questions about building relationships.

Do you encourage interaction with the entire staff even if you are not the supervisor?

When ask for a critique do you chose your words or steam roll your team members and damage their confidence?

Are there groups that spend time together not allowing everyone in their circle?

A leader is not the senior person in the room or even the one with the most information to share.

The leader finds a way to involve the entire group.

The leader does not allow the attitudes of the few to set the tone for all.

This message goes out to all the new guys getting their confidence shaken by the less mature, long term employee. Don’t be intimidated by the wrong things.

Learn your role, build your value, stay engaged, and above all keep the right attitude.

Og Mandino would say and this too shall pass. You will not always be the new guy.

Thanks and have a great day.