Each year I experience this feeling of loss of the holiday spirit. All the feelings of giving and supporting each other, I miss it. What ever your spiritual beliefs, there is always a special time we put others ahead of our own needs.

The day was January 15th and we had just this week taken the decorations down and replaced them in the attic.

I walked into my church this morning and proclaimed “Merry Christmas”.  I must admit the looks on the faces of those around me were a bit surprised. It may have been the furthest thought from most people’s mind.

The next words out of my mouth were just as amazing, “are you ready for the holiday, it is only 350 days away”?

Now that I had everyone’s attention I ask them if they remember the feelings, smiles and attitudes of those around them. I asked if they could remember the hearts that were giving and full of gratitude. It also gives us a chance to review our own lives and where we are.

Today is about moving forward with the right state of mind. Each day we should count our blessings for what we do have in our friends and family.

Each day is a gift.

There are people who will not have a tomorrow, today is truly the last day on earth. What do you think they are thinking about. How big is the ball-game or the deal at the office to them?

Your attitude touches all of those around you and more.

To me each day should be spent in the season of giving and loving our neighbors.

Thank you for spending a few minutes with me today.