I was listening to a speaker yesterday while I was out walking. Mind you, it is 90 degrees outside and 75 percent humidity.

Daren Hardy is talking about what it was like to be outside in fresh snow. He continues to talk about making a toboggan run. As he explains the issues you might get as you make that very first run down the hill in the thick snow. He talked about how difficult it is to cut that path down.

The more times the snow is compacted, the easier it is to steer down the hill, the faster and more fun it becomes. At some point you do not even have to steer anymore.

When I think of making progress with a new process or beginning a new plan it is difficult the first few days. As you compact and compress your actions it becomes easier as we continue down the same path again and again until it becomes a habit.

At that point it could become a thoughtless habit and you would not have to steer any longer for that specific task.

So happy tobogganing.

Cut a new path and move forward today.

It will get easier as  you move forward to the next new run.

Have a great day and thank you for joining me.