The struggle is real. “Spot me bro”.  These words coming from a multi-year blogger.

I have gotten out of my routines I valued for years in order to take a break and redesign my efforts. Leaving my corporate role to allow more time for the most important things.  I tell you this because it is challenging. What was such a simple act of daily blogging has returned to the days when it was a new task to be completed. I love blogging. It has taught me so much over the years, yet I have turned my daily ritual into a four letter word, “task”.

Speaking from experience, it will get better. Each day moving forward the words will come easier, and easier. The blog content will get better and better. The key is to continue to make the effort to move forward. To remain consistent, to fight through the mental roadblocks.

The outlines are set, the topics are decided and the commitment has been documented.

So I am asking you to spot me a few days to get on track, the goal is to move you forward!

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Tim Marvel