Do you feel overwhelmed, defeated, run down at times?

You are not alone, we all encounter those feelings from time to time.

My question to you is, what do you do when you feel this way.

Maybe it is time to draw your line in the sand. It is time to take a stand for what is most important to you.

This brings to mind many additional questions such as “How do I draw that line?” When, What happens next?

Once you draw that line, commit to moving forward.

Last week I visited a doctor and we were looking for allergies and found caffeine was one of my biggest issues, along with dairy such as cheese, milk and white potatoes.

I should mention this affects ninety percent of all my meals every day.

I have drawn my line in the sand and it has been a struggle the past few days.

Stick with your plan. I believe if I am successful I can discontinue taking some medications.

What should you draw a line in the sand about, and why is that important to you?

Take a few minutes and make a few notes.

Once my days are done I know there are no retakes, let’s make this one count.