For one day only I want you to commit to not telling a single lie to anyone. What would that look like for you? I am aware I just lost several people before  you even read my next words, stay with me for just a minute.

Who all do you interact with each day? If you work, than co-workers, family, the lunch person, your friends and the list could go on. If you don’t work maybe many of the same people I just listed. What if you are alone and you spend a great deal of time with no interaction? My message is the same, I challenge you to not tell a lie for one day.

First this is going to be harder than it sounds. I don’t care if you elect to spend the day alone, or with your team.

How many of us tell our selves stories each day. Some of us want to lose a few pounds or spend more time at the gym. We go out of our way to not lie to our friends, we want to keep our integrity. How much integrity do you have with yourself? How many of these stories do we tell ourselves on a regular basis. How many times have you quit a bad habit only to catch yourself rationalizing going back to that habit as a reward or to comfort yourself.

So to restate the challenge for you today, quit telling yourselves stories. Be honest with yourself so you can move forward. Hey, I know it is not easy, I am taking the same challenge..

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me today.