Thinking About Accountability – 10 Seconds Daily

Thinking About Accountability – 10 Seconds Daily

A common theme that I have witnessed is, “people love accountability until someone attempts to hold them accountable”.

I meet people looking for an accountability partner to help them move forward, and that is a great idea in theory. My mind wants to know more, so lets Google the power of accountability. Below are two different articles to help us understand a little bit more.

The power of accountability: what do accountable leaders look like?

To truly be accountable requires action from the authority holding you to answer for your actions or lack of actions. … Researching the term on the Internet, it is interesting that most often it is used in a moral or ethical context. Talking about political and other leaders being held accountable for their actions.

How Good Coaching Makes a Difference: The Power of Accountabilityby zengerfolkman December 10, 2009

In working with leaders, I am often struck by the fact that most leaders will readily admit to being fairly weak on providing follow-up and accountability. I often hear statements from these leaders like: “I’m too busy” or “I don’t have a good system for keeping track”. Or “I shouldn’t have to follow-up—(my coaches) are adults; they should follow through on their own commitments without me checking in on them.”

My take:

Your supervisors have authority over you in the office, they can hold you accountable for your work. Who is going to hold you accountable for your personal, financial, health or spiritual life?

Let’s make this simple, go stand in front of the mirror. Now look into the mirror. There in front of you, you have the very best accountability partner created. The person in the mirror does have flaws, and will let you off of the hook at times. But who knows you better? Who really understands your big plans or lack there of? Who is going to truly be with you every step of the way. “YOU WILL”! You have the power of accountability in all areas of your life.

My suggestion is for you to have many mentors. You can have an accountability group to share honestly with, and you have the person in the mirror. You be your own accountability partner.Thanks for spending a few minutes with me today.#10 Seconds Daily



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