1. We discussed the first key to change is being ready.
  2. The second key to change is to ask yourself why you desire change.

As we dive deeper we must ask ourselves are we being realistic with the change we desire. Expecting change requires planning, possibility of certifications, higher education and goal setting with a big why.

Are we committed to doing the things I need to get the results I desire?

When I think about being committed to getting the long term results a doctor always comes to mind. Doctors require many years of school and an internship before you ever become a certified doctor.

Another way to say this is you must get the years of education and pass all the required certifications to become a doctor. If you are not willing to take time or take on the financial debt then you are not committed, and you have set yourself up for failure. You were not being realistic.

I do believe we can be whatever we desire, but you must be committed to paying the price for the results you desire and you must be realistic.

Start from where you are right now and ask yourself what you would like to change. This means knowing exactly what steps I need to take and taking the first step. Go for it!

The third key is being realistic with yourself and your goals.