1. We discussed the first key to change is being ready.

The question of why you want change seems simple enough. Honesty is extremely important at this point in our process. Not everyone believes me when I say this, your why may be the most important aspect of change. I personally have found the why drives me when there are roadblocks. It pushes me when I am tired.

The why is the benefit of your efforts. The benefit could be driven from the pain of regret such as a little money over time for retirement seems like such a great thought. The truth is many people have the ability but end up regretting the fact they did not plan well. The regret is what they now face with no way to go back and change those simple habits such as a budget.

The pleasure of success would be the results had I set up a savings or retirement plan and followed through. Putting a fraction of my money away each week or month and having the ability to sustain the lifestyle I desire.

It is not luck, and it does not happen unless you make the effort to affect the change you desire.

You want another example.

Travel allows me to dine out many days and nights. I find my struggles in the menus. The simple choices I make each day as I sit down to order those three meals. Being transparent, I do well two of the three meals each day.  I struggle when I am tired knowing what the results will be with each choice.

Pain or pleasure, remind yourself why.  If your why is big enough you will make the effort to stick with the right choice. It is the simple choices making the difference each day.

The second key to change is to ask yourself why you desire change.