The  reminders are sad and they happen daily, do they make a difference to you?

I set some boundaries for using Social Media such as Facebook. My process is to review first thing in the morning between 5-7 a.m. at noon and in the evening. Social Media could consume your day watching other peoples lives lived out on a small 3″ screen.

I was reading this morning to find one of my friends had lost their 27 year old son the day before. Once again I was reminded. Honestly it did not hit home as much as seeing my father a few weeks ago, and seeing him age so quickly and reminding me we are not here forever.

I was reminded any day could be our last.

We pick different days of the year to celebrate, maybe we are missing the point. Shouldn’t we celebrate every day? Shouldn’t we celebrate the small wins of waking up each day, seeing our loved ones or even having a warm meal and a place to rest our heads? We are all reminded there are people without these things, are they small things. They only seem big if we don’t have them.

I don’t want you to feel bad, but I do want to remind you to be thankful for each day you get with your kids, your dogs, your loved ones. I want you to move closer each day to the things with the greatest meanings in your life.

I want you to make progress each day.

Thanks for joining me today.

R.I.P.- J.C.