Recently, at the request of my wife I opened some boxes taking space in the garage. These boxes were my past. I was a little excited at first to be reminded of my youth. You know what I am talking about, hanging with friends and enjoying life.

At first it was a little fun as some of the gentle reminders of my past came to life in pictures and notes. However it did not take long for me to be drawn in to old school yearbooks.

As I began to read the notes from classmates I began to remember not so much the good times, but the other less attractive feelings we all block out of our memories.

As I read some of the statements I began to remember how painful it was growing up without the best of everything and not understanding people, personal hygiene or just wanting to fit in.

I could see in the notes as how I reached out to people that did not know me, by asking strangers to write in my  yearbook as some sort of achievement or medal. What an important lesson in life.

And for a short time I was back in Junior High reliving the bullying and the lonely feelings that I endured.

Back in Junior High those feelings seems like would last forever.

I learned about expectations, we are only let down by our own expectations. Is this a lesson we could all use on a regular basis?

The Great news is the awkward feelings go away and do not last forever.

You get to make decisions you will grow and learn from. One day you will look back and know you have developed into a good person full of gratitude and empathy.

Never forget where you came from, that is what made you who you are today.

Keep moving forward everyday.