Be accountable for what's most important.

It is typical 4:30AM wake up for me. I jump up and hit the ground running. My list of things as always in hand. Workout, blog, academy, football game and date night with my love of my life Rockie. My time is tight, but there is a plan. My first thing is to get my blog done. As I get into the computer I find some of my sites have unanswered messages. I’ll just knock those messages out so I don’t have to go back later. I glance at the clock and find that I have spent an extra hour on these emails and now no time to workout this morning. I have to get ready for my academy.

8AM arrive to my class early, as I finish my studies for that day find it is almost 4:30PM. If I hurry I can catch the end of game of my favorite college football team. The game ends about 6PM and it is time to take my wife to dinner.

What just happened?

There is a book by Gary Keller called The One Thing. It brings up the fact that you should do the one thing each morning that is most important and will make there rest of the day better. You need to do it first when you have the best energy.

The bottom line was by the time I had time to workout, I was too tired. My belief is that your health is the most important decision that you can make each day. If you are not healthy you can not do anything. So working out is my one thing. I will feel better and have more energy.

Ask yourself today, what is your one thing?

Pick up the book and invest the time it takes to read it. Then put it into action.

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