Now that is quite a statement coming from a professional speaker, “the more I speak, the more I speak”. That was part of a conversation I had while walking with a good friend of mine this week. It seems to make sense. The more I do anything, the more it do it, right?

I believe there is more to these statements than meets the eye. Could it be the more I focus my attention in one specific direction the more it consumes our minutes and hours?

The answer is yes, we all have a reticular activator. It is located in your head and what we think about expands. It is scientific, not magic.

Have you ever had a group of people in a conference room developing a plan of action for an upcoming project? When you first set down the room may be quiet. People are in deep thought. And then like magic one idea comes, and another, the next thing you know it is like a tidal wave of ideas once the mind gets focused in on the direction of the project.

So when my friend the speaker spends more time thinking about speaking I believe he is going to speak more.

If what you think about expands, than I am going to think about ….

Thanks for joining me today as we continue to move forward.