I always like to ask the simple questions first. What is change? Change for our efforts is when we desire something different than what we have today. We could desire change in any area of our life personal, professional, financial, spiritual or relational.

Many of us would like to make a change for the better. If we are honest there are places we have opportunity for growth. The change could be as easy as reading each day, or weight loss. There are many opinions on for rules for change, most are very similar.

Change starts with a thought when we see something appealing. This thought may come during a structured event or when you are searching not knowing where your thoughts might take you.

Throughout our discussion I will remind you to be honest. Not honest with me, honest with yourself.

Change will require you to do something different. The question you must ask yourself, are you ready to do something different, to give up your unwanted actions?

If you are not willing to commit to yourself then wait until you are ready. Change is personal and requires you to commit to yourself. You cannot expect long term success with change if you are changing for me.

The first key is to change when you are ready?