1. We discussed the first key to change is being ready.
  2. The second key to change is to ask yourself why.
  3. The third key to change is being realistic.
  4. The fourth key to change is failure and feedback.

One of my favorite songs is “New York, New York”, and the line I love to hear proclaims “I did it my way”. This all sounds so great.

The truth for most of us is we cannot do it our way and make difficult changes alone. There are amazing movies made from those rare cases of individuals that did it their way.

Most of us are not equipped to make all the right choices. Some of the choices are so simple. Think about it a burger versus a salad or no pizza or desert tonight. You need someone to hold you accountable, to ask you those hard questions about the little things.

There are many accountability partners out in the world asking those hard questions that you can pay for such as any weight programs. They ask you each day what did you eat, and what is your weight today? Go to the gym and what are they asking, we pay for fitness instructors to spend time with us so we will do the things we know we need to do.

I believe you need someone reminding you daily of what it is you say you want the most. Talk about it every day; stay engaged in your desires. Move forward every day.

I am telling you find an accountability partner that has similar desires. Talk to them on a regular basis.

The fifth key to change is getting support.