The devil is in the details.

Today is about sharing some of the greats with you.

I have heard the great Les Brown start meetings by asking this simple question, “are you the best you could be”. He is not finished as he dives deeper and ask is there a point in your life you made a decision because it was easier?

I like the way he thinks, he just trapped every one of us.

One of my personal favorite sayings is “Daily Decisions Determine Your Destiny”. Every speaker worth their salt will tell you it all comes down to your daily decisions. Where you are today and where you are going tomorrow will be defined by your choices.

If you are not the best you could be, you know what you have to do, right…

Make better choices starting today.

Let’s be clear, the choices are not in the BIG things, it is in the small details of your day.

Another legend in the speaking motivation world was Jim Rohn, he says “the most successful people in the world do the little things better than anyone else.

Darren Hardy will tell you it is the “compound effect” of all those little things you do each day.

And Og Mandino will tell you about your habits.

Then there is the unknown author, the devil is in the details, the small stuff.

I hope you see where I get my information from.

Maybe one day I will be quoted in saying, “Daily Decisions Will Determine Your Destiny”.

Have a wonderful day.

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