The power of small daily steps for long term gain

Think about the top ten resolutions people make such as losing weight, quit a habit such as smoking and drinking or how about learning something.

Les Brown says “we can live life easy and it will be hard or we can live life hard and it will be easy.” This caused me to pause and ask myself exactly what he was talking about, at first. And then it hit me square in the forehead.

When he describes working hard he does not mean going out and working on a road crew in the hot sun. In many cases he is saying do the little things many people overlook. Be consistent with your efforts. You may have a resolution do the little things  to move forward daily.

Here is another way to think about consistency, don’t make a temporary change and expect a permanent result.

Most things in life are easier if you complete small daily steps. It is easier to become the champ then it is to retain the championship.

Remember how your mind tricks you. I eat a salad today, tomorrow I want to reward myself for eating the salad with a big old cheese burger, coke and fries.

Be consistent with your effort. Plan to keep moving toward your objective, goal.

Starting is required but may not be the hard part. Remind yourself daily decisions, baby steps will lead you forward. I am not thinking about the 9lbs I want to lose. I am thinking I want to weight less than I did yesterday, even one tenth of a pound will work.

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