We All Know “TBT” Is Throw Back Thursday – 10 Seconds Daily

We All Know “TBT” Is Throw Back Thursday – 10 Seconds Daily

What day of the week is it for you? If it were Thursday do you believe it is also, “throw back Thursday”?

I actually love the thought of a throwback, I like to go way back. It’s always good to remember where you started. Today lets go a little deeper. What if we had a name for each day of the week? What might that look like, and why would we do such a thing?

Is it true what you think about your mind expand? And if it is true would it give you a great opportunity to expand your knowledge on topics important to you for promotions, advanced relationships or other key areas in your life?

With this in mind I sat down and made a commitment to give each day a topic. The intent is to share them as an example, and not a specific guide. Your topics should be different. For me as I create content they will be placed in these categories on my website and shared with you.

  • Monday-Planning
  • Tuesday-Accountability
  • Wednesday-Communications
  • Thursday-Progress
  • Friday-Mind Set
  • Saturday-Relationships
  • Sunday-Gratitude

Take some time and make a note in your journal, or notepad of what topics are most important to you. Maybe they are about you making progress at work or for a hobby. Remember if you don’t have a passion for your topics you may be setting yourself up for failure. I can live with failure, so long as it is not the end of the story.

What is your focus today?

Thanks for joining me, love to hear your comments.



Tim Marvel

Motivational speaker and author, Tim Marvel, CSP believes if life doesn’t stop teaching, he shouldn’t stop learning. From living on a submarine in the Navy to spending thirty years in sales, Tim sees life as an adventure. He’s participated in marathons, ultra-marathons, triathlons, and 100-mile bike rides. When he’s not traveling or encouraging others to be their personal best, you can find him hitting the gym, hanging out with his family, and playing with his dog, Jake. But what he looks forward to the most is his weekly date night with his wife, Rockie.

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