What day of the week is it for you? If it were Thursday do you believe it is also, “throw back Thursday”?

I actually love the thought of a throwback, I like to go way back. It’s always good to remember where you started. Today lets go a little deeper. What if we had a name for each day of the week? What might that look like, and why would we do such a thing?

Is it true what you think about your mind expand? And if it is true would it give you a great opportunity to expand your knowledge on topics important to you for promotions, advanced relationships or other key areas in your life?

With this in mind I sat down and made a commitment to give each day a topic. The intent is to share them as an example, and not a specific guide. Your topics should be different. For me as I create content they will be placed in these categories on my website and shared with you.

  • Monday-Planning
  • Tuesday-Accountability
  • Wednesday-Communications
  • Thursday-Progress
  • Friday-Mind Set
  • Saturday-Relationships
  • Sunday-Gratitude

Take some time and make a note in your journal, or notepad of what topics are most important to you. Maybe they are about you making progress at work or for a hobby. Remember if you don’t have a passion for your topics you may be setting yourself up for failure. I can live with failure, so long as it is not the end of the story.

What is your focus today?

Thanks for joining me, love to hear your comments.